Tow Trucks, Trailers & Specialty Vehicles

Contact: Rico Sondakh
Office: 734.794.4228

A Financing partner that is: "Obsessed with Your Success."
Our Customer Financing Programs are here to help!

With upwards of $1 billion in funded transactions since 1978, our goal is to be partners with you for the long haul and to help you succeed every step of the way. So when we tell a partner what we are going to do, you can take that to the bank.

Since our inception, we have sought to find new ways to wow our vendor partners. Our commitment to excellence starts with our competitive finance offerings and extends to insuring a great customer experience.

Our Transportation Finance Team is up and running and ready to support your titled vehicle needs for the following vehicle types:

  • Specialty vehicles
  • Tow trucks and heavy equipment haulers
  • Day cabs and Trailers
  • Box trucks

Our vendor financing programs help you:

  • avoid price resistance by offering an affordable monthly payment option
  • close more sales faster
  • protect your profit margins by reducing the amount of purchase price discounting
  • improve your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) because we pay you faster than a cash sale

But don't just take our word for it. Give us a call today so you can see that we truly are, "Obsessed with Your Success."