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  • UniFi Equipment Finance
  • 801 W Ellsworth Road
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48108
  • Phone: 800.748.0015
  • Fax: 800.968.2808
"I am very impressed with the rates, response time on questions, and a simple (& quick) yea/nea on transactions." Thanks
Nathan - Century Business Systems
"AWESOME!!, Thank you so much. You and your company have been a joy to work with and we will be using you every chance we get."
Paige - Air of Excellence
"Outstanding communication and service, Fred and Luanne. I know Joe appreciates our collective and timely responses. Easy to do business with is a big value add!"
Rob - Office Imaging Vendor
"Thank you for the approval! From a service level standpoint, UniFi is doing a AMAZING job. Everyone is extremely responsive, transactions are approved and funded in such a timely manner. I thoroughly enjoy working with everyone there."
Lauren - Tech wholesale partner